Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY hair bows

Hair bows are everywhere lately. Here is how you can easily make you own hair bows at home. You will need Fabric,a hot glue gun, and a hair clip
1. Fold your fabric over twice and cut. Trim the length, you don't want your bow to be too long

2. Fold one end into center and hot glue then do the same for the other end
3. Pinch fabric together at the center, hot glue in between creases so it stays pinched by itself
4. Cut a skinny piece of fabric and wrap around the center

5. Final step is to hot glue clip onto the back of your bow

There you go! now you have an easy cheap hair bow
How I style these bows: on the back of a half up do with curls, under a top knot
Let me know how you style these bows or send me a picture of yours!

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