Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY crimp free ponytail

Its so aggravating having straight hair, putting a ponytail in for a little while and taking it out to find you hair has a huge crimp in it! right? 
 You can buy ponytails like this but they're so expensive, I saw some for 10 dollars that's crazy they're just ponytail holders! Well here's a DIY version on how to make your own ponytails that won't leave that crimp, I don't know how it works but trust me it does. 

1. Purchase some fold over elastic, I got this pack of two different patterned elastics at Joann's
 2. Cut the elastic what size you need, it's hard to say how long to cut the elastic because it depends on your hair, so take your hair type into account
 3. Now there's two ways to tie the ponytail A. you can tie the end and use a lighter to lightly seal the tails together B. tie a bow end, leaving the tails out (which is what I did), you may also want to seal the tips so they won't fray 
And that's it! It won't leave that annoying crease in your hair (unless its wet than anything will)
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- M

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