Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY heart sweater

Heart sweaters have been pretty popular lately, here is a cheap way to make your own. It only cost about 4 dollars plus an old plain sweater. Hope this is helpful!

Supplies needed:
-Piece of wool felt 34 cents at Joann
-Steam-a-seam 2 $3.99 at Joann

1. Start with a plain sweater (or any shirt really)
2. Print out a picture of a heart from Google images cut out and use as a stencil
3. Trace heart onto felt and cut out
4. Now take a Steam-a- Seam sheet and apply the sticky side to the heart, cut it out
5. Using an iron apply heat to the heart, this will release the glue dots on the sheet and seal them together
6. Peel off the paper on the back of your heart it should be sticky
7. Center your heart on your shirt
8. Iron on the heart to your shirt, make sure to use some steam to help it completely attach to your shirt

Finally you're done! the heart should be completely attached to your shirt and it won't come off! You can apply more heat if your feel it is not securely attached.
Hope this is helpful have fun!

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