Monday, June 20, 2011

Extra Extra read all about it......on my nails?!?! Newspaper Nail Art

I love the look of this nail design it's very cute and unique. pictures are from Google my camera wouldn't focus enough to get the lettering.

1st:. paint your nails a base color i used white or you could use a creamy color like the picture ^.  Dark colors don't really work that well like reds, purple extra. the words don't show up as well.

2nd: fill a bowl or container with rubbing alcohol, cut newspaper into squares. fully saturate the newspaper square you will be using for that particular nail in the alcohol. place on the nail and hold it tightly for about 15-20 seconds. press it down without moving the paper (so it won't smudge) then pull off the news paper and there you have it the words will be on your nails!!

Comment and tell me if you like this look.
<3 M


  1. we like this idea. we are trying it out right now. we will let you know if it worked out. Thanks for all the cute ideas my girl and I can do together.

  2. Thank you Sol!
    I will try to continue providing ideas. How did it turn out? Please help spread the word -M


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